Thursday, 21 January 2010


I've had a big interest in tattoo's for a long time.

I am only in ownership of one but i've always had big ideas for more.

You see a lot of average no thought tattoos (especially in the summer, put some clothes on people) but there are the artists that put blood and sweat into the "art" they put on peoples skin and there are also those that put a lot of thought and heart into choosing/designing what they want permanently etched on them.

A few of my favourites

Ireally want to know what font type this is!

And by far one of the nicest tattoos i've ever seen.
It has given me great envy.

I've been doodling down a design for behind my ear which I plan on getting next week money depending or if not the week after.

I was going to book in my feet tattoo "True Love" but that statement is kind of like adding salt in an open wound at the moment, so when i'm in a happier place i'll be getting it done.