Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dream Hotel

It's been quite a while since i've posted, so I felt the need to start this up again.

I was lucky enough to go to Las Vegas last May. It has been a dream of mine to visit there for years, and with that dream I always pictured myself staying at one of the amazing and stunning hotels the strip has to offer.

 That hotel for me was The Cosmopolitan, ever since I saw a feature on the opening in 2010 I couldnt stop thinking about the place, this was then backed up when it was appeared in Lindsey Kelks "I heart Vegas" book. More rock n' roll then the other hotels on the strip. Dripping in luxury I knew it was somewhere I had to go.

So last year I booked a holiday to Vegas for 10days. 7nights were spent at the Luxor as it looked like a fantastic and stereotypically Vegas experience at a fantastic price. I would recommend anyone not on a massive budget to stay there.  
But I wanted to finish my trip in style so I booked 2 nights at the Cosmpolitan and booked the Terrace One Bedroom with Fountain view.
I would happily live in this room. The description of the suite by the hotel is listed below:

"Sliding glass doors open to an oversized private terrace, allowing fresh air and sunlight to pour into this room’s spacious interior. A decadent bathroom features a Japanese soaking tub. Telescoping doors serve to separate bedroom from living room for maximum privacy"

As soon as you step into the hotel your hit by the amazing decor. Original art everywhere, massive flat screens with relaxing calming images and the most spectacular furnishings.

The staff were all extremely friendly and helpful with any queries or help we needed and started the 5* experience for me. We got our swipe cards and made our way up the tower to our room.

As soon as we entered our suite I knew I wouldn't want to leave. The whole room was decorated to how I would dream to have my own place. The touches like photography books and framed art work, even to the wallpaper used in the wardrobe and toilet were amazing.

The room came with its own little kitchenette (which was used to stock up on tasty ice cream and drink), its own couch area, a massive King bed with flatscreen and the most stunning bathroom with a walk in shower and a japanese soaking tub over looking the strip, all incased by glass (maybe not the best layout if with friends, unless banished to the balcony).

But the frosting on cake is the private terrace. Opening up from the bedroom part of the room, this stretches the length of the room and comes with one comfy lounge armchair and table. The view was breathtaking. It was directly over the Bellagio Fountains and opposite the Paris tower. From here you get one of the best views of the strip and with the added bonus of fresh air unlike any other hotel.

 And 'that' view

After a lot of coaxing, I left the room and explored the hotel. Again wow, yes it may be a casino, but unlike a lot of the others I visited it didnt feel dirty or smoke filled, nor did I feel like the youngest there.
The layout is really good, not squashed in and easy enough to walk around without bumping into others.

The main focus of the hotel is 'The Chandelier' bar. A beyond massive crystal chandelier hangs over three floors of the bar and incorporates the main staircase of the bulding. I had a drink there which was delicious and worth the visit even just for one. 

We were lucky enough to have the Wicked Spoon buffett brunch included as an extra in our price. I had done the buffett at the Luxor and it was what I expected, lots and lots of food to pick from but nothing culinarily amazing. But then there was the Wicked Spoon Buffett.

You are greeted by staff and taken to a table where your given the option of bloody marys or champagne cocktail to start. Then came the food, wow. Breakfast bar of waffles, pancakes with all the extras, then you have the cooked breakfast which were all portioned in lovely little bowls. You have japanese sushi to choose from, american meats and extras, thai, italian and then the bakery and dessert tables. I had died and gone to heaven. The most spectacular looking pasteries, macaroons, chocolate dipped fruits, ice cream. Think of the best thing you could eat and it would be there for you to enjoy.
My List was:

Sausage, grilled vegtables and hash browns
Eggs bennedict
Chocolate dipped strawberries
little eclairs and cake.

One of the biggest selling points of the Cosmopolitan are the pools. And with good reason.
All Vegas hotels have pools but some are just your usual kidney shape, plastic chairs and little kiosk bar. This is not the case with the Cosmopolitan, you have the Boulevard,The Bamboo and the Marquee. All offering different selling points. 

Marquee is the extension to the nightclub, Bamboo is more tranquil chill out area and my favourite the Boulevard.
The Boulevard offers an amazing pool, surrounded by the most comfortable loungers with no added cost, water spritzes out of the building to cool you down. There is drink service and food from The Yard. It also has an amazing view of the strip.

The Boulevard also puts on gigs on the pool stage to film nights all over the summer, sadly these werent on when I was there but I hope to make one in the future.

I was extremely sad to leave this hotel. I have travelled to a lot of places and stayed at a lot of hotels but I can't stop thinking about this place. It is an amazing mix of 5* luxury mixed with a lot of fun. 

Best views of the strip...check
Beautiful rooms...check
Good food and drink...check
Luxurious pools...check
Fantastic shopping...check
Lovely staff...check.

The only think I didnt get to check out was there club the Marquee, but that is on the list for the next visit. And believe me, there will be a next visit. And if you fancy a holiday you will never forget I would advise you to stay at the Cosmopolitan

Thursday, 25 November 2010


And as it's Thanksgiving I am thankful for...still being here and being as lucky as I am.

There was a phone in to my local radio show, a conversation about speed cameras and whether they should be banned. A call came in from a man who was for them, he had witnessed an accident 6 1/2 years ago in brighton where 8 people all died.

This was the accident that happened literally just before mine, up the same part of the road, this accident had paramedics at the scene and these where the paramedics that saved my life.

I was extremely lucky that day when others where not.

So I am thankful for simply being here.

Thursday Love
* Hot apple, cinnamon and vanilla cider *
* Vitamins keeping me from going down with lurgy *
* My extremely warm leopard print coat * The Walking Dead *
* Janet Evanovich books * Long baths with Lush's Snow Fairy *
* Christmas lights down Brighton Laines *
* Jackass 3D * Family Guy * Finding my love for photography again *
* Surprisingly the gym * Good friends with bighearts *
* All the exciting xmas plans over the next few weeks *
* Knuckle rings * Chocolate Horlicks * Fake fur throws * Big Jumpers *

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Hopeless Romantic

Over the last few months i've seen and heard stories that have restored my faith in the notion of true romance.

As the title states i'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. No matter what's happened in past relationships I still hold on to the fact the romance exists and hasn't died with the older generations.

I'm not talking about beds covered in rose petals and candle lit dinners, all of which are lovely dont get me wrong but it's straight out of the "how to woo a lady" handbook. Yeah I said woo!

I think it's the little things partners do for each other that are the sweetest.
Finding your favourite chocolate in their fridge because they knew it would cheer you up.
Little post it notes on the mirror when they have gone to work.
A planned day of dvd marathons on the sofa with a duvet.
Having your favourtie dinner cooked for you...candles optional.
Letting themselves be dragged to films/gigs/parties that they don't have any interest in, just for you.
It's not about money but little gifts are lovely when least expected, things that have been spotted while out or mentioned in conversation which you later get as a little present shows such thoughtfulness.

I use to absolutely love getting letters from boyfriends, partly because these where long distance relationships so conversation was 80% of what we had. But knowing that someone made the effort to sit down and write something down on paper be it about love or some stupid story they heard, to then get a stamp and walk to a post box when instead they could have just as easily written a quick text or email/facebook message with the same details in.

I use to love making things like scrap books filled with meaningful adventures, events and full of photos. Maybe slushy but effort went into them. Romantic gestures work both ways though, the ladies have got to do their part too. I think there is a lot of pressure on men to be romantic but men deserve to be treated and surprised too...and i'm not just talking sexy lingerie. If there expected to put the effort in then so should the women.

Obviously the big grand gestures are amazing.

I've had a partner who had tattoos representing our relationship and i'm not talking about my name emblazed on their chest. It's such an amazing feeling when someone cares about you that much there willing to have something etched on them forever, the relationship may not have lasted and the tattoos may now be covered with other work but that doesnt change how I felt at the time

Surprises are always lovely. Recently a friends sister got whisked away to Paris on her birthday by her boyfriend. She knew nothing about it. Her boyfriend planned it all and with the help of her sister, packed her stuff, got her to take time off work for a 'birthday meal' and then the day before was handed eurostar tickets. This is what I call romantic. We maybe get one or two big gestures of love in our life time (if where lucky) but when we

So here's to a lifetime of small gestures, surprises and hopefully a lovely guy at the end of it.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thursday Love

* Help Portrait *
* Halloween Dress Up * Vampire Diaries * Cocoa Butter * Big Slouchy Jumpers *
* Sparklers * Adventures upto London * Jagermeister Hot Chocolate *
* Catch up calls with old friends * Pumpin Carving * "I Love...." books *
* A girly weekend away in Europe in the pipeline *
* Eye Candy * Chip Butties * 18+ Cake Shops *
* Looking into sfx make up classes * Gemma Corrells Art Work *
* Chocolate Fudge Brownies * House Parties *
* My dirty love for "The Only Way Is Essex" * Iron Man 2 *

Saturday, 17 July 2010

This kid is a legend for doing this in his test