Thursday, 25 March 2010

Things I Love Thursday Sausage and Mash Piggy Speaker Vanilla and Lime Sailor Jerry's Catch up calls Chambord Christmas Cookie Yankee Candles Deftones The Goddess Experience & The Goddess Guide Blonde Hair dye and no roots Drunk nights out at random clubs The thought of seeing Opeth at the Royal Albert Hall Johnsons Baby lotion Feeling elegant in a floor length Bridesmaid dress Vampire Diaries Cathartic Loud and Angry music Thunderstorms Jensen Ackles Seeing Wayne after 7months Russell Howard Ryan Reynolds Making big roast dinners Gossip Girl Very hot tattooed men Finally letting go Duvet covers straight from the dryer Kiss Big clean outs Alcohol that tastes like Sherbert Trevor Friedrich

Bedroom bits

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

No wheat or fatty food for 8days dress size down woo!!

But there is a bowl of penguins in front of me argh....must be strong!