Saturday, 20 December 2008

Too much food.

I have just consumed 1/2 a large Hagen daz Belgian chocolate and then 1/4 of an apple pie and custard...I may just be sick tonight.

Everyone in my house has been ill the last few weeks, and I've been of work due to the dreaded cold virus. My nan may also have Alzheimer's, which has gutted the whole family. Hopefully the new tablets shes on will help her.

Bar this things have been quite good at the moment, exhausting though. I've seen some wicked bands in the last week like Blessed by a broken heart, I am ghost and Paul's first gig with MY:IQ.

I also went to Johnny Truants last ever gig at the Engine rooms which was really sad, I've been into them since 2003 and remember seeing them in some small pub with about 40 other people. Olly and Paul came to the hospital in Brighton when I had a car accident in 2004 with flowers, tshirts and some cards and ever since whenever I've seen Olly at their gigs hes always came over and given me a hug and asked how I was. They where an awesome band who where just getting better with time and its such a shame such a talented band are calling it a day. The gig itself was rammed, sweaty and so so good. I was at the front taking photos for half of their set and I have a bruised rib cage and a fist bruise mark on my back to prove it.

I popped to London to meet up with Del, Emma, Wayne, Sara, Doive and Jo. Due to there being far to many Christmas parties in London that night causing most pubs to be rammed with walked all over London and finally ended up having to go to Pizza Hut. It was a really nice night of catching up, eating to much food and having a good laugh. I got presents which I cant wait to open on Christmas Day.

Christmas is looming and I have £15 to my name until the 31st December. I love Christmas but it's not really hit me this year, and I've as usual spent far to much money on presents. It is quite sickening that so much money is spent on just one day.

I'm looking forward to 2009, not that 2008 has been a bad year I've travelled to 4 amazingly different countries, met some amazing new people from around the world, and had a holiday with two amazing friends. I've done things I never thought I would have the guts to do and had the most amazing 3day Birthday a girl could wish for.

But 2009 will be a year where I push my photography and grow some (metaphorical) balls and do photos shoots which i'm a tad hesitant about. I'm going to push stuff to get published and take up as many amazing opportunities that come my way.

I'm hoping 2009 will be a year of finding that special someone too. Being single has had its good points, going out with girlfriends and being able to dress up to the max just for the fun of it and doing what I want too, like travelling without having to think about another persons feelings.
But its been a year and 3 months now and i'm bored and go through stages of being very lonely.
I would like someone I can curl up with, I want kisses and dates and that amazing feeling of butterflies when things are just beginning. I want to travel to so many cities in the new year and I would absolutely love if some of those places where with a boyfriend, as places like Venice and Paris scream romance to me.
Part of me is scared I won't find this someone as i'm extremely shy when it comes to meeting and chatting to new people and when it comes to actually going somewhere where meeting a guy may happen. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Top 10 of the moment

Cadburys Hot Chocolate

whipped cream and mallows added bonus

Spinach with lemon, red pepper and soy sauce.

noodles and tofu with this tastes amazing too

Spoiling myself with Soap and Glory

Kozyndan Bunny Blossom

How I met your Mother & Reaper Box Sets

Duvet Days

Christmas Fairy Lights

All over my room at the moment and it makes it look so pretty.

Crumpets with butter, Marmite or Nutella!

So so tasty.

These shoes.

Any colour <3>

Angeliques new Piece