Thursday, 19 November 2009

Alexander McQueen

One of my favourite Designers...ever since I stepped into Selfridges many a years ago and spotted a gorgeous collection of skull accessories covered in crystals I've been in Love with this mans collections.

My three favourite accessories!

Absolutely stunning metal work pattern, very classic with a macabre edge with the skull top.
ALEXM.png alexm picture by sammilh

Anyone that knows me, knows my major love for knuckledusters.
So for me this is the ultimate bag, its black, it is jeweled, has a skull in the detail and the handle is a knuckleduster...if the price tag for this wasn't in the thousands this bad boy would be mine!

And last but not least this gorgeous skull bracelet, yes there may be many a braclets like this knocking round camden and dodgy shops but they would'nt look half as well made and exquisite